In 2015, the State Fire Service Association filed an unfair labor practice charge with the Florida Public Relations  Commission stating Governor Rick Scott violated Florida law when he vetoed a competitive wage increase for its members. The Commission found the veto was lawful and dismissed the charge. On appeal, the First District Court of Appeal agreed with the Commission that the veto did not violate Florida’s collective bargaining rights. This Court is asked to review the decision to clarify conflicting state constitutional provisions.

Watch more oral arguments from 8/29/18:

Department of State, etc., et al. v. Florida Greyhound Association, Inc., etc., et al., SC18-1287

Rolando P. Ruiz, etc. v. Tenet Hialeah Healthsystem, Inc., et al., SC17-1562

U.S. Bank National Association, etc. v. Elizabeth E. Anthony-Irish, et al., SC16-2276