Mr. Perkins is the biological father of a child born to Ms. Simmonds during her marriage to another man. Mr. Perkins filed a petition to establish paternity and child support as to this child. The trial court dismissed the petition, ruling that Florida law prohibits a biological father from establishing his paternity as to a child born to an intact marriage when the mother and her husband object. Mr. Perkins appealed and the Fourth District reversed the dismissal. Ms. Simmonds now seeks this Court’s review arguing the 4DCA decision conflicts with decisions of this Court and other District Courts of Appeal.

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In RE: Amendments to the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar – Rules 3-4.3, 3-5.3, & 4-3.1, SC17-1965

The Florida Bar v. Jeremy W. Alters, SC14-100

D.H., ET Al. v. Adept Community Services, INC., ET AL., SC17-829