2019 HB 403 Safety of Religious Institutions 2019 HB 595 Alcohol or Drug Overdose Prosecutions 2019 HB 6005 Possession of Firearms on School Property 2019 HB 639 Security in Trial Court Facilities 2019 HB 669 Offenses Involving Computers 2019 HB 727 Hazing 2019 HB 741 Anti-Semitism 2019 HB 785 Crime Victim Assistance 2019 HB 845 Pub. Rec./Petition for Certain Protective Injunctions 2019 Legislative Session Adam Hattersley alcoholic beverages Anthony Sabatini anti-Semitism Brett Hage Byron Donalds Charlie Stone Chip LaMarca Chris Latvala Cord Byrd criminal justice Dane Eagle Daniel Perez David Santiago David Silvers Erin Grall George McLain hazing Heather Fitzenhagen James "JW" Grant James Bush III Jennifer Webb Juan Fernandez-Barquin Michael Gottlieb Michael Grieco Mike Caruso Randy Fine Robert "Alex" Andrade Spencer Roach Stan McClain substance abuse/drug addiction