2020 HB 1173 Pub. Rec./Nonjudicial Arrest Record of a Minor 2020 HB 1199 Environmental Protection Act 2020 HB 1457 Searches of Cellular Phones and Other Electronic Devices 2020 HB 199 Sexual Battery Prosecution Time Limitation 2020 HB 209 Emotional Support Animals 2020 HB 255 Florida Commission on Human Relations 2020 HB 333 Bail Pending Appellate Review 2020 HB 393 Jury Service 2020 HB 589 Offenses Against Firefighters 2020 HB 675 Exposure of Sexual Organs 2020 HB 7051 Intercollegiate Athlete Compensation and Rights 2020 HB 783 Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act 2020 HB 811 Transfers in Divorce 2020 HB 977 Motor Vehicle Dealers 2020 Legislative Session Amy Mercado Ben Diamond Blaise Ingoglia Bob Rommel Bruce Antone cell phones Charlie Stone Chip LaMarca Clovis Watson Jr. college athletes driver's license environmental preservation ESA - emotional support animal Fentrice Driskell firefighters Florida Commission on Human Relations Heather Fitzenhagen James "JW" Grant Joseph Geller Juan Fernandez-Barquin juvenile justice Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson Mike Beltran Mike Hill NCAA - National Collegiate Athletic Association Paul Renner Ramon Alexander Sam Killebrew Scott Plakon sex offenders/sexual predators sexual assault/rape student athletics Thomas Leek Tracie Davis Wengay "Newt" Newton Wyman Duggan