2020 HB 2001 National Flight Academy 2020 HB 2005 Hands of Mercy Everywhere Inc.-Belleview Lakeside Hospitality Program 2020 HB 2089 Creating Compassionate Schools 2020 HB 2103 Learning for Life 2020 HB 2137 Adult Literacy League - Improving the Lives of Central Floridians through Literacy and Education 2020 HB 2161 Building a Better Tampa Bay STEM Workforce Initiative 2020 HB 2263 West Jacksonville Restoration Center Multimedia Afterschool and Summer Camp Training Program 2020 HB 2273 The Student ACES Center Phase Two 2020 HB 2303 Junior Achievement Workforce Readiness Program Expansion 2020 HB 2315 Brain Bag Early Literacy Program 2020 HB 2351 Dedicated STEM Classroom for Marine Science 2020 HB 2359 Security Funding in Jewish Day Schools 2020 HB 2429 Expansion of READ USA Book Fairs 2020 HB 2431 Leaders Ignited For Transformation (LIFT) Initiative 2020 HB 2507 Sarasota County Schools Summer Learning Academy 2020 HB 2521 Ann Storck Center - Early Intervention Preschool 2020 HB 2527 STEM/STEAM Television Programming 2020 Legislative Session 2020-2021 state budget/appropriations Anna Eskamani Ardian Zika BEESS - Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services Brett Hage Chris Latvala Damien Kelly DOE - Department of Education education funding education k-12 James Buchanan James Bush III Josie Tomkow MaryLynn Magar Michael Caruso Monica Verra-Tirado Office of Safe Schools Patricia Williams Ralph Massullo reading/literacy Robert "Alex" Andrade Sam Killebrew Stan McClain suicides/suicide prevention Susan Valdés Tracie Davis Vance Aloupis Jr. Wyman Duggan