2020 HB 2831 Lake County Hydrilla Treatment for the Harris Chain of Lakes 2020 HB 2981 Blountstown Groundwater Recharge Constructed Wetlands 2020 HB 3545 Alachua County Newnans Lake Water Quality Improvement - Treatment Wetland 2020 HB 3591 Maitland Mayo Avenue Sewer System Improvements 2020 HB 3629 Hallandale Beach Expanded Water Reuse Phase 2 Construction 2020 HB 3727 Brevard County Septic to Sewer Conversion for 1019 Homes 2020 HB 4005 Riviera Beach Utilities Special District Water Treatment Plant Crucial Infrastructure Improvements 2020 HB 4019 Miramar Country Club Ranches Water Main Infrastructure 2020 HB 4255 Melbourne Septic to Sewer Infrastructure Project 2020 HB 4269 Orange County Lake Gandy Water Quality Improvement Project 2020 HB 4275 Winter Park Temple Drive Drainage Project 2020 HB 4315 Charlotte County Countryman Ackerman Septic-to-Sewer 2020 HB 4317 Punta Gorda Boca Grande Area Water Quality Improvements 2020 HB 4319 Peace River Regional Reservoir No. 3 2020 HB 4389 Fort Pierce Utilities Authority Low Income Septic to Sewer Conversion 2020 HB 4395 Miramar Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System Cybersecurity Improvements Project 2020 HB 4423 New Port Richey 2019 Beach Street Stormwater Drainage Improvements 2020 HB 4615 Coral Springs City Drainage Infrastructure 2020 HB 4619 Sunrise Bicycle & Pedestrian Greenways and Trails Master Plan Update 2020 HB 4621 Tamarac C-14 Canal Stormwater & Environmental Drainage Improvements 2020 HB 4627 Kissimmee Hill Street Drainage Project 2020 HB 4673 Washington County Crystal Lake Stormwater Improvements 2020 HB 4689 Graceville Stormwater Repair 2020 HB 4691 Vernon Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements 2020 HB 4729 Plant City Mcintosh Park Integrated Water Master Plan 2020 HB 4733 Indian River County North Sebastian Septic to Sewer Phase 2 2020 HB 4759 Ponte Vedra Beach North Beach and Dune Restoration II 2020 HB 4765 Panama City Fire Flow Enhancements to Historic Districts 2020 HB 4767 Panama City Remove and Relocate Sanitary Sewer Line from St. Andrews Bay 2020 HB 4769 Panama City Lift Station Replacement at Bay Medical Center 2020 HB 4771 Panama City Millville Waste Water Treatment Plant Relocation Assessment 2020 HB 4773 Panama City Goose Bayou Sewer and Water System Expansion 2020 HB 4775 Panama City Pretty Bayou Water System Expansion 2020 HB 4777 Lynn Haven Stormwater Improvements 2020 HB 4779 Lynn Haven Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion 2020 HB 4781 Bay County Hurricane Michael Stormwater Facilities 2020 HB 4783 Northwest Florida Estuary Programs - St. Andrew/St. Joe Bays 2020 HB 4785 Bay County Wastewater Facilities - Hurricane Michael 2020 HB 4787 Mexico Beach Oleander Water Main Replacement 2020 HB 4789 Panama City Kings Bayou/Pretty Bayou Sewer and Water System Expansion Phase II 2020 HB 4799 Groveland Lower Floridan Well 2020 HB 4801 Groveland Wastewater Effluent Improvement 2020 HB 4817 Mote Marine Laboratory Critical Marine Habitat Restoration 2020 HB 4829 Collier County Cocohatchee River Critical Dredge Project 2020 HB 4831 Marco Island Nutrient Source Evaluation and Assessment Project 2020 HB 4835 Naples Design of Phase 2 - Naples Bay Red Tide Septic Tank Mitigation Program 2020 HB 4837 Marco Island San Marco Road Tide Leveling/Flushing Improvements 2020 HB 4853 Brevard County Indian River Lagoon FL-518 Bridge Muck Removal 2020 HB 4855 Melbourne Village Dayton Bridge and Culvert Replacement 2020 HB 4857 Brevard County Next Generation Sewage & Biosolids Treatment Pilot Project 2020 HB 4867 Gadsden County St. Hebron Park Recreation and Multipurpose Complex 2020 HB 4895 Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens Rainwater Harvesting 2020 HB 4939 Lake Butler Water Works Lift Station Replacement 2020 HB 4941 Lawtey Water Main Replacement 2020 HB 4947 Penney Farms Potable Water Update for Deteriorating Pipeline 2020 HB 4949 Green Cove Springs Public Safety and River Access Project 2020 HB 4953 Clay County Utility Authority Saratoga Springs Water Treatment Plant 2020 HB 4955 Clay County Utility Authority Water Resiliency Program North Middleburg Project 2020 HB 4961 Food for Their Bellies Books for Their Brains 2020 HB 4963 Palatka Septic to Sewer Conversion Initiative 2020 HB 4969 Palatka Drinking Water Infrastructure Improvements 2020 HB 4971 Putnam County East Putnam Drainage and Flooding Mitigation 2020 HB 4977 Flagler County Sanitary Sewer Collection System for the Barrier Island North (Marineland to the Hammock Dunes Bridge) 2020 HB 4979 Flagler County West Flooding and Environmental Mitigation Water Control Project Phase I 2020 HB 4993 Conservation Florida 2020 HB 4997 Bascom Farms/Sturgeon Aquafarms 2020 HB 9015 Cape Coral North Wellfield Expansion 2020 HB 9021 Cape Coral Caloosahatchee Reclaimed Water Transmission Line 2020 HB 9023 Cape Coral Sirenia Vista Park 2020 HB 9029 Fort Myers Midtown Urban Infill Development Water Quality Planning Initiative 2020 HB 9031 Fort Myers Billy's Creek Restoration Final Phase 2020 HB 9035 Fort Myers At-Risk Neighborhood Infrastructure Improvements/Citywide Septic Tank Abandonment 2020 HB 9041 Estero River Public Access Project 2020 HB 9051 Fort Myers Beach Estero Boulevard Water Improvements 2020 HB 9053 Fort Myers Beach Stormwater Outfall Improvements 2020 HB 9055 Bonita Imperial Bonita Estates (IBE)/Quinn/Downs/Dean Street Drainage Project 2020 HB 9057 Sanibel Donax Water Reclamation Facility Process Improvements 2020 HB 9077 Fresh Stop Bus 2020 HB 9107 Miami-Dade County Landfill Grade Management System 2020 HB 9139 Hillsborough County Septic to Sewer Program 2020 HB 9145 Palm Bay Septic to Sewer Facilitation Program 2020 HB 9153 Opa-locka Wastewater System Improvement 2020 HB 9165 Tampa Bay Water Starkey Wellfield Improvements 2020 HB 9167 Tampa Bay Water Cypress Bridge Wellfield Improvements 2020 HB 9171 Lee County Artesian Well Abandonment Project 2020 HB 9175 Temple Terrace Renovation of Irrigation System for Historic Golf Course 2020 HB 9205 Small County Technical Assistance Program 2020 HB 9209 Tallahassee Wastewater System Resiliency - Pump Station 12 Replacement 2020 Legislative Session 2020-2021 state budget/appropriations Al Jacquet Amber Mariano Anika Omphroy Anna Eskamani Anthony Sabatini Bob Rommel Bobby Payne Books for Their Brains Brad Drake Charles "Chuck" Clemons Chuck Brannan Clovis Watson Jr. Cyndi Stevenson Dan Daley Dane Eagle Daniel Perez David Smith Delores Hogan Johnson Erin Grall Heather Fitzenhagen Holly Raschein James "JW" Grant James Bush III Jason Shoaf Jay Trumbull Jr. John Cortes Joy Goff-Marcil Kionne McGhee Kristin Jacobs Lawrence McClure Michael Grant Ramon Alexander Randy Fine Ray Rodrigues Recreation and Multipurpose Complex Rick Roth Shevrin Jones Spencer Roach Thad Altman Thomas Leek Tina Scott Polsky Tyler Sirois William Cloud Robinson Jr.