2020 Legislative Session 2020 SB 1050 Disaster Volunteer Leave for State Employees 2020 SB 1114 Cost-of-living Adjustments to State Employee Salaries 2020 SB 406 Public Records/Minor's Petition to Waive Consent/Abortion 2020 SB 476 Law Enforcement Vehicles 2020 SB 504 Local Government Public Construction Works 2020 SB 506 Public Procurement of Services 2020 SB 620 Firefighters' Bill of Rights 2020 SB 7010 OGSR/Servicemembers and the Spouses and Dependents of Servicemembers 2020 SB 936 Disability Retirement Benefits 2020 SB 976 Haitian and Caribbean American Recognitions 2020 SB 978 Juneteenth Independence Day Aaron Bean abortion Ben Albritton Bill Montford construction industry Ed Hooper firefighters George Gainer Jason Pizzo Kelli Stargel Kevin Rader police officers/law enforcement retirement/retirees state employees Tom Wright Victor Torres Jr. W. Keith Perry