How to Watch

1. Watch NOW on the web at “TV 24/7” or “LIVE STREAMS”.
To watch the television feed of The FLORIDA Channel (which is available year-round, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week), simply click on the “TV 24/7” tab under today’s schedule or click the play icon on the viewer/player that’s located on the home page.

To watch the day’s LIVE events (i.e., committee meetings, floor sessions, public hearings), click on the “LIVE STREAMS” tab under today’s schedule to select what you want to watch.

Our “LIVE STREAMS” events are listed by time and title. Look for the “Watch Now” link for events currently available for viewing.

Events listed under the “LIVE STREAMS” schedule will begin streaming 10 minutes prior to their scheduled start times. Audio will be available when the events officially convene.

2. Watch on a television channel in your area.
Click here to find out if The FLORIDA Channel is available on TV/cable in your area.

3. Watch on your mobile device or smart phone.
Watch The FLORIDA Channel programming on your mobile Apple or Android device by downloading the free mobile app at the iTUNES Store or Google Play.

4. INSIDE the Capitol Complex – watch on the Capitol’s in-house cable system.
Accessible in the state Capitol building are closed-circuit channels used for broadcast of The FLORIDA Channel programming. Senate events can be seen on channels 71 – 75. House events can be seen on channels 78 – 83. Executive Branch events can be seen on channel 84. The FLORIDA Channel’s 24/7 program feed can be seen on channel 85, and channels 86 and 87 are used for a wide variety of live events both inside and outside the Capitol Complex.

5. Watch in our Video Library.
If you missed LIVE coverage of an event, an archive of it will be available in our Video Library within 24 hours of the time the event concluded.

If you know the event title or date, click on the “Search” tab located in the top right of the website. In the field provided, type in the event title, keyword and/or date. Press enter or click the magnifying glass icon and a list of search results will appear on the screen. Find your event and click the link to view the video.

If you don’t know the name or date of the event, you can click on the “Video Library” tab and a complete list of all programs available on The FLORIDA Channel will appear in chronological order.