2015 HB 19 School Safety 2015 HB 4005 Concealed Weapons Aaron Bean Andy Ford Chris Smith concealed carry Cuba David Altmaier Doc Renuart DOE - Department of Education education accountability Edwin Narain Emmett R. Titshaw FDLE - Florida Department of Law Enforcement Florida Cabinet Florida is for Veterans Inc. Florida Supreme Court FPL - Florida Power and Light FPU - Florida Polytechnic University FSA - Florida Standards Assessment Gerald Bailey health care Jimmy Patronis Jorge Labarga Joseph Geller Julie Imanuel Brown LIP - Low Income Pool Lisa Brandy Marlene O'Toole Medicaid Michael Calhoun Natalia Pérez Santos Norman Tomaka OIR - Office of Insurance Regulation Pam Stewart pharmacies/pharmacists PSC - Public Service Commission Richard Turner Rick Scott Robert Hosford Robert Tornillo Rose Naff SB 176 Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons or Firearms SB 180 School Safety SB 248 Public Records/Body Camera Recording Made by a Law Enforcement Officer SB 758 Prescription and Use of Opioid Antagonists for Emergency Treatment of Opioid Overdoses standardized testing Sunshine Laws