2019 Legislative Session 2019 SB 1224 Charter School Employees 2019 SB 1616 Local Government Financial Reporting 2019 SB 1622 Public Records/Foster Parent and Foster Parent Applicant Names 2019 SB 200 Relief of the Estate of Herminio Padilla Jr. by the City of West Palm Beach and Others 2019 SB 38 Relief of Jane Doe by the School Board of MiamiDade County 2019 SB 404 Strategic Fuel Reserve 2019 SB 548 Electronic Legal Documents 2019 SB 602 Public Records Aaron Bean Ben Albritton Bill Montford charter schools Dennis Baxley Ed Hooper foster care/foster parents Gary Farmer Janet Cruz Jeff Brandes Joe Gruters Kevin Rader local governments/home rule Perry Thurston Jr. public records Vic Torres Jr. W. Keith Perry