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2019 HB 1121 Citizen Support Organizations 2019 HB 1169 Displacement of Private Waste Companies 2019 HB 1237 Towing and Immobilizing of Vehicles and Vessels 2019 HB 1299 Governmental Powers 2019 HB 291 Growth Management 2019 HB 295 Transportation Facility Designations 2019 HB 347 Towing-storage Operator Liens 2019 HB 415 Motor Vehicle Registration Applications 2019 HB 427 Honor and Remember Flag 2019 HB 43 Transportation Facility Designations 2019 HB 453 Micromobility Devices and Motorized Scooters 2019 HB 523 Halifax Hospital Medical Center - Volusia County 2019 HB 551 Public Nuisances 2019 HB 6011 Alligator Alley Toll Road 2019 HB 691 Special Neighborhood Improvement Districts 2019 HB 7103 Property Development 2019 HB 717 Ad Valorem Tax Discount for Spouses of Certain Deceased Veterans Who Had Permanent Combat-Related Disabilities 2019 HB 719 Surviving Spouse Ad Valorem Tax Reduction 2019 HB 905 Department of Transportation 2019 Legislative Session ad valorem Adam Hattersley affordable housing Ana Maria Rodriguez Anthony Rodriguez Ardian Zika Blaise Ingoglia Bobby DuBose Bobby Payne Brad Drake Cary Pigman Charles "Chuck" Clemons Chris Latvala Chuck Brannan Clovis Watson Jr. David Santiago Dianne "Ms Dee" Hart DOT - Florida Department of Transportation Emily Slosberg Erin Grall Holly Raschein Jackie Toledo Jason Fischer Jay Trumbull Jr. Lawrence McClure Margaret Good Nick DiCeglie Robert "Alex" Andrade Scott Plakon Spencer Roach Stan McClain tag fees/license fees/car registration Thad Altman Tina Scott Polsky Tommy Gregory Tracie Davis trade secrets US Military/Veterans Vance Aloupis Jr. Wengay "Newt" Newton