2007 HB 11 Assault or Battery on Homeless Persons 2007 HB 1117 Personal Identification Information 2007 HB 1169 Criminal Conduct 2007 HB 1243 Driving and Boating Under the Influence 2007 HB 1295 Inmate Labor and Correctional Work Programs 2007 HB 149 Criminal Offenses 2007 HB 409 Criminal Sentencing 2007 HB 65 Driving Without a Valid License 2007 HB 667 Offense of Leaving a Child Unattended or Unsupervised in a Motor Vehicle 2007 HB 709 Video Voyeurism 2007 HB 989 Crime Victims 2007 Legislative Session Ari Porth Bryan Nelson Dennis Ross Dick Kravitz Ed Hooper Evan Jenne Gayle Harrell Jennifer Carroll Joe A. Gibbons John Legg Luis Garcia Jr. Priscilla Taylor Sandy Adams William Snyder