2007 HB 1283 Black Business Investment 2007 HB 1287 Florida Research Commercialization Matching Grant Program 2007 HB 1301 Workforce Services 2007 HB 1487 Insurance Premium and Corporate Income Tax Credits 2007 HB 1521 Commercialization of Products Patents and Processes Resulting from Publicly Supported Research 2007 HB 1523 Public Rec. & Meetings/Sure Ventures Commercialization Inc. 2007 HB 1525 Sure Ventures Commercialization Trust Fund 2007 HB 1527 Public Rec. & Meetings/SURE Venture Capital Fund & Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research 2007 HB 1529 Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research Trust Fund 2007 HB 1531 SURE Venture Capital Trust Fund 2007 HB 1543 Child Care Services 2007 HB 979 Use of the Term "Chamber of Commerce" 2007 Legislative Session Andy Gardiner Ari Porth Betty Reed Dennis Ross Don Davis Frank Peterman Gary Aubuchon Gayle Harrell Jennifer Carroll John Legg Joyce Cusack Marti Coley Michael Grant Rob Schenck Seth McKeel Will Weatherford