2020 HB 2049 Veterans Helping Veterans USA Inc. 2020 HB 2085 World Literacy Crusade of Florida - Mama Hattie's House for Social/Educational/and Residential Services 2020 HB 2113 Arc Jacksonville Transition to Community Employment & Life Skills 2020 HB 2239 ACEing Autism Florida Adaptive Tennis Project 2020 HB 2245 Jorge Nation Foundation Dream Trips 2020 HB 2267 Hamilton County Health Department Security and ADA Improvements 2020 HB 2281 Marion County Hospital District - Beacon Point Treatment Campus 2020 HB 2289 Exchange Parent Aide of Northeast Florida 2020 HB 2293 Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida - Community Primary Care 2020 HB 2297 Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida - Nichols Community Health Center 2020 HB 2305 Gateway Community Services - Project Save Lives 2020 HB 2325 Amigos Together for Kids - Strengthening Families and Communities 2020 HB 2327 Informed Families of Florida - Dade and Collier Counties - Healthy Communities 2020 HB 2331 Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare's Project HOPE - Helping Others Promote Empathy 2020 HB 2341 Changing The Narratives' Ending Youth Homelessness Initiative 2020 HB 2347 Curley's House of Style Inc./Hope Relief Food Bank - Elderly Meals and Social Programs 2020 HB 2355 Place of Hope's Child Welfare/Foster Care and Human Trafficking Prevention and Education Initiatives 2020 HB 2357 Easter Seals South Florida - Specialized Adult Day Care Capital Improvement Project 2020 HB 2365 The Family Initiative's Family Impact Program 2020 HB 2373 American Legion Post 270 Walk-in Cooler/Freezer 2020 HB 2375 Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health's Services for Sexually Exploited Youth 2020 HB 2395 Community Rehabilitation Center's Project Alive 2020 HB 2417 The Salvation Army of Sarasota's Community Addiction Recovery Program 2020 HB 2441 Fishing with America's Finest - Veteran Piscatorial Therapy 2020 HB 2457 Pridelines INTERSECTIONS - Mobile Community Center 2020 HB 2475 Disproportionate Share Hospital Funding - Baptist Pensacola Hospital 2020 HB 2477 North Miami Foundation for Senior Citizens 2020 HB 2493 The Clara White Mission's Daily Feeding Program for the Homeless and Seniors 2020 HB 2499 Alzheimer's Project Inc. 2020 HB 2511 Loveland Center Life Skills Development Program for Children and Adults with Disabilities 2020 HB 2541 Community Coalition Inc. - Home Delivered Meals Hot (LSP) 2020 Legislative Session 2020-2021 state budget/appropriations Alzheimer's Disease/ Dementia Ana Maria Rodriguez assisted living/nursing homes Bob Rommel Cary Pigman child safety Colleen Burton Cyndi Stevenson DCF - Department of Children and Families DEA - Department of Elder Affairs dental care EBT cards - Electronic Benefit Transfer elder affairs/ senior citizens food banks food safety food stamps foster care/foster parents guardianship/caregivers Hamilton County health care home health care hospitals/hospital funding Inc. - Home Delivered Meals James "JW" Grant jobs for veterans jobs/employment Loranne Ausley Manatee County MaryLynn Magar mental health/mental illness Miami-Dade County Michael Grieco Nicholas Duran opioids/opioid abuse persons with disabilities poverty Shevrin Jones Spencer Roach students with disabilities/unique abilities substance abuse/drug addiction suicides/suicide prevention TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families