2020 HB 131 Security in Trial Court Facilities 2020 HB 167 Offenses Against Veterans 2020 HB 199 Sexual Battery Prosecution Time Limitation 2020 HB 205 Unlawful Use of Uniforms/Medals or Insignia 2020 HB 259 Compensation for Wrongful Incarceration 2020 HB 333 Bail Pending Appellate Review 2020 HB 461 Attorney Fees and Costs 2020 HB 589 Offenses Against Firefighters 2020 HB 615 Juvenile Diversion Program Expunction 2020 HB 7005 OGSR/RICO Act Investigations 2020 Legislative Session Anthony Sabatini Bobby DuBose Bobby Payne Bryan Avila Byron Donalds Clovis Watson Jr. Cord Byrd Dane Eagle Dave Aronberg Erin Grall James "JW" Grant James Bush III Jennifer Webb Juan Fernandez-Barquin Michael Gottlieb Michael Grieco Ramon Alexander Robert "Alex" Andrade Scott Plakon Spencer Roach Stan McClain Thomas Leek Tracie Davis US Military/Veterans William Cloud Robinson Jr. Wyman Duggan