2020 HB 2055 City of Plantation Police Gun Range and Training Facility 2020 HB 2577 Ladies Learning to Lead (L3)- Girls At-Risk Leadership Program 2020 HB 2581 Men of Impact Development Center Project 2020 HB 3049 Franklin County Sheriff's Office Wellness Center Operational Funding 2020 HB 3351 Nassau County Courthouse Annex Completion Project 2020 HB 3747 North Miami Police Department- Victim Assistance Emergency Fund 2020 HB 3793 Children of Inmates: Careers Over Crime 2020 HB 4505 Tampa Police Department Bomb Squad Response Vehicle 2020 HB 4643 Broward County Sheriff's Office Real Time Crime Center Expansion to Joint Regional Fusion Center 2020 HB 4719 Hope Street Diversion Program 2020 HB 4721 Hope Street Comprassion Center Project 2020 HB 4723 Pinellas County Sheriff's Office-Eckerd College Search and Rescue (EC-SAR) Program 2020 HB 4883 City of Cape Coral- Public Safety Firearm Training Facility 2020 HB 4917 Union County Courthouse Security 2020 HB 4919 Operation New Hope Inc.- Ready4Work- Statewide 2020 HB 4921 Clay County Youth Alternative to Secured Detention (S.W.E.A.T. Program) 2020 HB 9039 The Florida Network of Children's Advocacy Centers Inc. 2020 HB 9059 City of Cape Coral- Real-Time Crime Center 2020 HB 9127 Franklin County Sheriff's Office- Bay City Wellness Center 2020 Legislative Session 2020-2021 state budget/appropriations Bobby Payne Clay Yarborough Cord Byrd David Silvers domestic violence Dotie Joseph Emily Slosberg human trafficking James "JW" Grant James Bush III Jason Shoaf Juan Fernandez-Barquin Loranne Ausley Michael Gottlieb Mike Beltran Paul Renner Ray Rodrigues Scott Plakon Sharon Pritchett Spencer Roach Tommy Gregory